How to Measure

How to Measure
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Measuring your windows properly is an important step to ensure you are completely satisfied with our products. Please take the time to measure your windows carefully before placing an order for exterior shutters.

As a general rule of thumb if your windows are all the same width, divide the width of the window by 2. If you prefer, refer to the chart to the right for assistance in choosing the correct exterior shutter width.

You do not want to select a size of exterior shutter that will overpower your windows. On the other hand, shutters that are too narrow will look underpowered unless the space between your windows is sufficiently narrow.

Height: In most cases, the height of exterior shutters that is most appropriate is from the top of the window opening to the bottom of the window opening.

Tip: Many homes are constructed with windows that are different heights on different floors. Please be sure to measure every window before placing your order for exterior shutters.

Width: In choosing the width of your exterior shutters, you should take into consideration the width of the window and the distance the windows are spaced apart. It is best to find a single width that works for all of your windows.

For windows 50" or larger in width, we recommend using the double-wide exterior shutters as long as the space between your windows permits.

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Mounting Your Shutters
If you live in a costal area or a high wind (hurricane) area, the recommended mounting hardware for your vinyl exterior shutters should be the Mid-America Shutter Loks or the Mastic / Alcoa Shutter Plugs as they are rust resistant and both have a compression action that goes on that holds them securely to your wall system.

One thing to also think about when choosing your mounting hardware for your vinyl exterior shutters, is if you want the flexibility to change your mounting hardware for your vinyl exterior shutters, is if you want the flexibility to change your exterior house and shutter color in the future, you will certainly have to purchase and replace your shutter loks/plugs. To take down your existing vinyl shutters you will have to severe the shutter loks/plugs between the wall and the shutter and unscrew the existing part of the lok/plug to remount your vinyl exterior shutters. The shutter lok/plug hole is larger than using a steel colored screw. So please consider your choice of mounting hardware a personal preference choice on what you are faced with.

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